PC Racing Simulator

The actual magic of car racing home video games

Present-day racing cockpit simulators are not being appreciated high enough. These impressive racing simulations are so real life like. At first look you can barely determine it's a gameplay and not a genuine Formula 1 competition, for example! Unfortunately, these types of racing simulation games are not being really recognized and esteemed by the majority of the home video game driving fans throughout the World.

Control sticks are not the right option for the driving simulation game enthusiasts

Why is it so? The answer is plain. Playing with the conventional game controllers everybody has at home, does not bring the actual realism these remarkable video car racing games truly do provide you with. And they give a lot. Way more than you can conceive, at least until you detect the true thrill held inside every one of them...

How do you reach complete realism when playing home racing games?

Simply try to stay as close as you can to the usual racing stance, like you were in a genuine racing car. Livingroom ottomans, various benches, seats and writing tables will not do the job like a real racing game chair will.

The authentic driving setting has nothing in common with household settees, seats, desks and tables...

The realistic driving setting is nothing close to the abovementioned household couches, armchairs, bureaus and benches, isn't it? So, at least you should try to achieve the right driving stance. If you do not, you will not be able to appreciate the true power and joyfulness the modern-day racing car simulation games are delivering. It's as plain as that.

PC Racing Simulator

A correct racing posture and comfort

Driver's comfort is always important when it comes to playing your favourite PS3 racing simulator games at home. That is why you have to seriously consider the option of having a video game chair in your home. You will quickly find out the tremendous difference before and after playing with the car driving game simulator. Of all car seat simulators, OpenWheeler supplies the best racing comfort. Each single car racing seat on the marketplace delivers a proper driving position, but you will acquire the maximum for your money with OpenWheeler undoubtedly.

PC Racing Simulator

Due to the fact that the game racing seats marketplace is not crowded with players, the very small number of competitors there present varied tariff rates. On the whole, the driving chairs are not low-priced instruments. Chiefly owing to the quite deficient market interest. The tariff rate is really huge, from £200-£300 GBP (300-500 US dollars) for OpenWheeler, to the astonishing £26,000 pounds (more than $42,000 USD!) for VisionRacer. Do not get baffled by this huge price dissimilarity. If you are a pro football or basketball player (i.e. the fee is your last problem in this World), VisionRacer is the appropriate video game driving simulator cockpit for you. In all other cases, OpenWheeler will do absolutely the same job for you for only one percent of VisionRacer's price (270 GBP vs. £26,000 British Pounds). Otherwise said, with OpenWheeler, at first gaze, you get a lot more than what you are giving money for...

The OpenWheeler driving game simulator cockpit

In the first place, OpenWheeler is manufactured in the USA and/or England, based on where you placed the order: North America (home-racer.com, www.ebay.com, amazon.com, etc.) or Europe (www.openwheeler.co.uk, ebay.co.uk, amazon.co.uk, and so on).
Second, the OpenWheeler PS3 racing seat comes virtually pieced together and in 10 mins possibly you might be ready to drive!
Third of all, probably the most essential thing, OpenWheeler has by default the following convenience traits you will not find in other video game driving simulator cockpits like PlaySeat, GameRacer, GTO Omega Racing, VisionRacer, etc.:
- a bendable back
- a rail sliding seat
- front wheels (on the pedal mounting plate) for better mobility
OpenWheeler also offers (as most of the other racing game cockpits):
- a telescopic car driving game wheel setup
- a flexible pedal mounting plate

A foldaway back

Not discoverable in other gaming chairs on the marketplace. OpenWheeler is one of the trailblazers which presented an authentic racing cockpit offering a bendable back functionality. Harnessing it, you can be seated conveniently, like in a real race car.

Gliding rails

Another feature which is incorporated into the standard package. Once again originated by OpenWheeler racing cockpit. Not discoverable in other racing game simulators. Playseat requires extra cash and you must assemble it yourself, which honestly is a very difficult assignment! It's a do-it-yourself task...
You will realize that the gliding railway device is very convenient! You can slide the chair about 10-15 cm forwards and backwards, rendering the entrance to the driving game chair world a child's play.
OpenWheeler can be adjusted promptly for the next car racing simulation game player. In fact, for just several secs!

Fantastic transportability due to stroller-like front wheels

Moving around is easy with OpenWheeler. This is another quite clever guess, yet quite on the spot. Not discoverable in any other racing cockpit on the marketplace. Rather than raising the whole game driving seat, all you have to do is gently lift the back side of the car game racing chair and push it towards any destination you want.

An adjustable (telescopic) home video game wheel and pedals

The home Xbox racing simulator platform shifts up and down and inward and backward. The pedal mounting plate shifts inward and backward. You can adjust both wheel and pedal mounting plates to fit you best, attaining maximum driver comfort... and realism.

Compatible with all kinds of game racing wheels

OpenWheeler is compatible with all driving game wheels on the marketplace today, from the most affordably priced, beginner level ones to the industry leading racing simulation game wheels: Thrustmaster T500, G25, G27, Force GT and Fanatec Porsche.

Compatible with all kinds of game platforms and car racing games

Receiving the maximum of the newest home video driving car simulation games has never been so realizable. Contemporary very powerful game consoles such as PS, Xbox360 and Wii, offer incomparable realism and splendid experience for the car driving simulation game freaks. Regrettably, not really reflected in the appropriate way via the thumbstick controllers every home video game platform has. Have a small ride for a lap or two with OpenWheeler racing cockpit simulator and you will really learn what's being provided by the latest top-class driving games!