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Perfume is an independent website containing fragrance reviews. Its objective is to supply information about different perfumes and their specific sensorial characteristics, lasting trace, principal components, as well as perfume application hints.

The Most Exquisite Fragrances at the Best Prices

If you wish to purchase a perfume for your own needs or for somebody else as a gift, is the right place for you to read about the most recent perfumes on the market you know little or nothing about. Or maybe you will learn more curious details about your best-loved fragrances. In any case, you will refine your knowledge of fragrances. The available pricing information will additionally help you find the most attractive prices on the web.

Assortment of Perfume Review comprises a huge collection of comprehensive reviews devoted to popular brands such as: Dolce and Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Chopard, Hugo Boss. Each perfume review provides exhaustive information about the standard price of the given fragrance, its sensory specifications, lasting trace, etc. Image galleries are also included. Last, but definitely not least, the ingredients of each perfume are also listed for you. Plus, you can buy the fragrance of your preference online.

Fragrance Tips And Tricks

It was considered in the past that the pulse points of the wrists, behind the knee joints and the zone behind the ears are the most suitable points for perfume application.
The reason of this is that the combination of perfume ingredients is activated as a result of touching and warmth of the body.
Today technologies for perfume designing are advanced. It is enough the aroma to be applied on the upper part of the body, depending on the preferences of the man or the woman. In a few minutes, it embraces with its scent the whole body, as well the zone around it.

Nature of perfumes

Intensity and longevity of perfumes
Each aroma has different intensity and longevity. The perfume scent goes through three stages: top, base and trace. The initial scent begins from the moment of application and ends up to the fifteenth minute. The real perfume qualities have been not revealed yet. They appear in 15 minutes and this is the base scent which lasts for 20 hours. In 20 hours the scent decreases its intensity. Yet, there is a trace that lasts the next 15-20 hours. It is good to change perfumes because our sense of smell gets used to the aroma we apply and in time we cannot feel it well enough. The quality of the perfume is not decreased as we might think. Its quality could be appraised by a person who is not accustomed to its fragrance.

Pleasantness of the aroma
The perfume scent is a combination of alcohol and composition. The composition is a combination of natural or artificial scents. These scents reach our senses in three stages. Therefore, they could be defined as top, heart and basic notes.

How do we match our clothes with the flavors we wear

White clothes. The color white symbolizes purity, virginity, transperancy and light. This color has the ability to cleanse our consciousness, calm down and retain harmony. When travelling a long distance you may want to wear white underwear. This way you will lower the effects of jet lag – namely tiredness. The white color also helps the brain to relax. It is advisable to match along flavors such as lavender and lemon. Altogether these will protect us from all kinds psychological and physical aggressions.

How to choose the most appropriate for us perfume

According to a study a single man is far more precise in selecting his perfumes.
For those already in a relationship it is thought that their interest suddenly drops throughout the years. They trust a particular flavor that they are used to or trust the advice of friends regarding that.

According to another statistic very few people among the higher educated do not use perfumes. People over the age of 60 also rarely tend to approach the little flavor bottles. Unlike them younger generations love perfumes and not only perfumes but popular and expensive ones. Perhaps due to a particular fashion or way of life or due to the media attention or due to the fact that popular models advertise them, one thing is for certain. And that is that more and more people regardless of their social class buy perfumes by world famous designers.

The impact of flavors on the sleep

The German specialists have made an experimental research in which the participants would inhale different flavors during sleep. The flavors used were pleasant (rose, jasmine, other flowers and citric fruits) and unpleasant smells (rotten foods).

The research is one of a kind since up to this very moment the scientists did not have any data on the effect of flavors on the smell sense function.

The results from the research indicate that the unpleasant smells affect the mucosal gland in the nose. This appears to be a reason for the sending of signals to the brain which in turn cause unpleasant feelings and thus creating dreams with a negative emotional environment even sudden awakening. While using color or fruity scents the opposite effect is observed. The pleasant flavors retain the deep phase of sleep; they cause pleasant feelings to arise in the sleeping individual. His sleep is calm and his dreams pleasant.