How to Check Your Domain Authority in Less Than 60 Seconds?


Domain authority (DA) is one of the many factors that Search Engine Optimization experts consider when formulating a website’s search engine ranking. DA, which Moz determines, measures how influential a website may be regarding its ability to rank for certain keywords and traffic generation.

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Methods to Check DA

While it can be tempting to look up your site’s DA score on Moz or other third-party websites, there are several ways you can check your domain authority without leaving your Google Analytics dashboard – and all in less than 60 seconds!

1st Way: In Google Analytics, go to “Traffic Sources” > “Search Console.” If you have connected your GA and Google Search Console accounts correctly (which you should), then under the “Queries” tab, you’ll find a list of all the keywords people have used to reach your website from SERPS (search engine results pages).

Keep an eye out for any high-traffic keywords with low rankings – these are opportunities ripe for optimization! The Domain Authority column will tell you how well each keyword ranks compared with all other sites competing for organic traffic.

2nd Way: Another way to measure Domain Authority is by using the Tool by simply visiting the link and entering a maximum of 10 domains at once to check DA and PA.

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