How to choose the right bridal jewelry for your big day


If you’ve already chosen your wedding dress, it’s time to find the right Jewellery to go with this beautiful gown and make you feel fantastic. Knowing what type of metal will suit the white shade of your wedding dress is a great way to start choosing your wedding Jewellery.

White dress—In this case, pearl and platinum Jewellery will be your best choice, as gold ornaments may clash with this bright white shade.

Diamond and white dress—this barely white Color works best with gold, raised gold and pearl.

Ivory dress—the best choice for this shade is gold Jewellery to emphasize the creamy shade of the fabric.

When it comes to the neckline

Remember that combining the neckline style with the appropriate tungsten Wedding rings can add character to the wedding dress and even emphasize a unique feature: 

Sweetheart neck – This shimmering collar mirrors the curves of this beloved bra brilliantly. So, a pair of diamond button earrings add sparkle.

Neckline without belts – Bold necklaces with many threads, bibs with jewels, and even classic pearls perfectly match this design of the dress. When it comes to earrings, just go for diamond studs or small drops.

V-neck – This versatile, flattering design draws attention to the face and neck, especially when paired with the right accessories. So let’s consider long earrings and delicate necklaces with a pendant, which are sure to complete this design. 

One-shoulder neckline – The oblique shape of this fashionable shape is a statement in itself. Therefore, it requires little ornaments. Just choose a pair of light-catching earrings and a large cuff. Remember that the most important thing when choosing the perfect Jewellery for a wedding dress is that it reflects you and your personality.

Rings based on personality

Oval: sophisticated—this cut has an oval shape with a faceted round brilliant cut diamond. An oval-shaped diamond can have the same number of facets as a round-cut stone, which means it can shine just as much. An elegant oval-shaped diamond is preferred by sophisticated women who also want unique Jewellery.

Round brilliant: traditionalist—this cut is classic and timeless and also the most popular cut. The round brilliant is a 58-phase cut calibrated with a precise formula that provides maximum fire and brilliance. Ladies who prefer this classic shape are traditionalists at heart and will recognize a wonderful thing when they see it.

Marquise: Adventurous—The Marquise was named after the Marquis de Pompadour after King Louis XIV commissioned its creation in honor of her dazzling smile. It has an elongated shape with pointed ends. The shape of the stone is made to maximize the carat weight, which may appeal to women with panache for adventure and drama. 

Heart-shaped: confident—when deciding on a heart-shaped cut, look for a stone with an even, symmetrical shape, cut deep enough for maximum shine. Shy ladies who avoid the spotlight should take care of the heart shape as they are sure to attract attention wherever they go.

Radiant Cut: Classic—True to its name, a radiant cut diamond catches the light beautifully. The shape imitates an emerald-cut stone, but the facets allow for more shine. Ladies who prefer classic shapes sets for weddings appreciate the timeless nature of this stone.

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