SEO – An Innovative Project for Digital Marketing Companies


It is estimated that over 3.2 billion people in the world have access to an internet connection and it is further estimated that 81% of online shoppers conduct online research prior to making purchases or choosing services. Close to 60% of consumers will use a search engine to find and identify products that they are seeking and a similar percentage of users will read product reviews prior to making purchases. Based on these facts, it is clear that the internet is a phenomenal avenue to conduct advertising and promotional activities for businesses.

An interesting and economical mechanism for companies to draw customers is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO tools. SEO tools are complex algorithms that use organic search engine results to promote the company in the form of relevant results on search engines. SEO also involves website building and easing user interface. Due to the complexity of digital marketing, businesses may find it more effective and economical to employ the services of an SEO outsourcing company. An SEO outsourcing company uses SEO services from outside vendors for page search optimization.

This process of outsourcing the SEO project to another digital market company is termed as a SEO reseller package. These SEO reseller packages are extremely specific, have numerous benefits and are affordable. While it is certainly possible for any company providing digital marketing services to conduct SEO services on their own, examining search engine algorithms are a unique science. In such a scenario, outsourcing the project to an external company will not only ensure the quality of work due to expertise and resources available to the SEO Company, but it is also quite possible to make decent profits and margins through SEO outsourcing.

Private label SEO services hire an external company to provide SEO services to clients which are then forwarded to businesses. By this method, the hired Private label SEO service provides a white label empty report to the intermediary with no logo but solely data about the job. This helps businesses improve several aspects of the business such as drawing an increased number of customers, ensuring customer retention, building brand value and reputation and effectively determining on-page and off-page optimization as the private label SEO service has expertise in the field that it specializes in. If a business seeks to be featured on the first few results of a search engine, its best recourse is to hire a private label SEO program.

Hence, the advantages of hiring a partner company for SEO services or outsourcing SEO projects are aplenty. Firstly, these companies have extensive knowledge and expertise in their field areas. Secondly, they have the resources to monitor and track the progress of the SEO tool. Thirdly, they provide data solely which can be repackaged by SEO companies and sold to the client after fine-tuning and data development.

SEO resellers may also wish to focus on aspects other than purely search engine optimization such as content creation, designing comfortable user interfaces and social media engagement which SEO services companies have an edge over.

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