Should I Buy Microsoft Stock Now? A Detailed Analysis And Our Recommendations


Microsoft is a global leader in information technology, supplying many devices and services, software and IT services. It is one of the world’s largest corporations, operating in more than 180 countries.

Dividend stability

Microsoft is doing great with dividends. The company’s dividends are equal to 0.99% of the stock’s value, which is not bad for a technology company. Recall that Microsoft is a growth company, after all, not a dividend company, and the fact that it basically pays dividends is just fine. The company directs 34.2% of its net profit to pay dividends, and we can safely say that this is also a good indicator, because a significant part of the profits remain for the further development of the company. If

MSFT price prediction – Capitalization

Capitalization alone does not tell us much, so we have to look at it in combination with other indicators. The company’s sales amounted to 143.02 billion dollars, profit before expenses 65.75 billion dollars, and eventually the net profit stood at 44.28 billion dollars; for a moment we should note that this is actually a fantastic figure; but to judge the company is still early, all the indicators should be evaluated in conjunction with each other, only then can draw the right conclusions about whether it is necessary to invest in it. The company has a balance sheet of $121.62 billion. For the latest news about the company, check out

The company’s valuation

The P/E ratio, which is a measure of how much annual revenue the company needs to recoup its capitalization, this figure is 35.77. Of course, this is more than the desired value, but you have to consider that the company is known all over the world and a lot of people are investing in it at the moment, which leads to a constant increase in the price per share. For this company, such an indicator is not critical, but it would be desirable to have something around 25.

The P/B indicator – this indicator allows us to understand how much the fair price of the share differs from the price that we currently see in the market. Microsoft currently has a P/B ratio of 13.22. If you want to trade the company’s stock, check out review broker etoro. There are many positive reviews written about cfd broker etoro.

The financial health of the company

Microsoft currently has $82.11 billion in debt, which generates a debt/eq ratio of 0.62. Debt/Eq is the ratio of debt to equity. This ratio is used to assess the financial stability of the organization. The optimal value of Debt / Eq is in the range of 0.3 to 1.

Company Efficiency

There are 2 main indicators to evaluate the company’s efficiency. Microsoft’s ROE is 39.5% and Profit Margin is at 31%. These are more than decent indicators of the company’s performance.

Popularity with investment gurus

Microsoft shares are in the portfolio of the 20 best-known and largest investors and funds. And that signals to us that it is definitely worth a closer look.

MSFT price target 2023. Conclusions

Based on the above, it is safe to say that buying Microsoft shares is a good investment idea, and having this security in your portfolio ensures good growth and profitability. MSFT’s price target for 2023 is quite ambitious. You can make an optimistic MSFT price prediction for 2030.

Friends, of course, you can’t forget about diversification, because in no case do we advise to keep your investment portfolio in less than 30 assets from different sectors of the economy. And also remember that the conclusions about buying this paper are only our private opinion, and the responsibility for the profit and loss of your investments lies first and foremost with you.

As Warren Buffett says: “Time is your friend. Impulse is your enemy.” So don’t be impulsive; don’t invest in the news, and thoroughly analyze each company before investing in it.

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