What Types of Dispenser Soaps Do You Need


Whether you are a janitorial company or a business, you need to make sure that you have cleaning supplies to keep work areas clean and safe. You can find a wide range of products that are based on price, category, or brand. For example, some of the kinds of cleaning products include the following:

  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Hygiene equipment
  • Health and safety equipment
  • Repair and maintenance equipment
  • Hand washes and soap

If you are seeking hand wash products, you can choose from such items as milk and honey hand soaps or soaps made with coconut. Both are designed to clean hands and leave them soft after use. You may also need alcohol-free wipes or big wipes for larger surface areas. Bulk-fill soap dispensers and antibacterial handwashes are also available.

Therefore, when choosing from online cleaning supplies, it is also good to find out what to add to dispensers in restroom facilities. You may want to know the differences of using an antibacterial soap versus a regular soap as well before making a buying decision.

Antibacterial Handwashes

An antibacterial cleaning product is a cleanser that includes antimicrobial ingredients. Whilst triclosan is used extensively in these cleaners, other agents may be added, such as benzalkonium chloride or alcohol.

When ordering liquid soaps for bulk dispensers, antibacterial soaps are normally ordered for healthcare sites such as nursing facilities or hospitals. Hand sanitisers may also be ordered, giving a person an alternative if he or she cannot access soap and water. You can also order antibacterial-type cleaners for cleaning tasks that involve the care of pets.

One of the Drawbacks of Using Antibacterial Cleaners

One of the drawbacks that is associated with the use of antibacterial cleaners is using them too frequently. The longer and more often you use an antibacterial product, the less healthy bacteria remains on the skin. Therefore, these soaps become less effective when used too much. Also, the use of these cleansers cause some people to be less thorough when washing their hands.

Therefore, if you wish to order regular soap instead of the antibacterial variety, the product will still do a good job of cleaning. Regular soap used in bulk dispensers also tends to be less expensive. Moreover, it will not kill the healthy bacteria that is located on the surface of the skin.

When ordering soap for dispensers, you may want to include some tips to users when washing their hands. According to hygiene experts, people should first wet their hands with warm running water before adding the soap. The hands should be rubbed together to create a soapy, effective lather.

Both the front and the back of the hands should be washed, even between the fingers and beneath the nails. This should be done for about 20 seconds. Follow up by rinsing the hands and drying them thoroughly.

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