What Do You Consider when Choosing a Shipping Carrier?


If you have an e-commerce store, the best you can offer your customers is timely delivery of their orders. That means you should partner with one of the most reliable shipping companies in your state to have your customer merchandise delivered to their doorsteps on time.

So what should you consider when choosing your ideal Japan to UK sea freight services for your small business? Take your time to evaluate each of your shipping options in the market. Here is what you should consider when choosing a shipping company for your business.

1. Cost, time, and quality 

Every business wants to cut costs and maximize returns. When choosing a delivery company, you want to ensure they are affordable and offer quality services. That means they have to save time – ensure customer orders are shipped right on time. 

If you choose to deliver with the cheapest carrier in the market, you are most likely to sacrifice delivery time and quality services. 

Keep time, quality, and cost in a mind if you want to reduce the risk of choosing a carrier. Always analyze your business and its supply chain well before reaching out to a shipping company for delivery services. 

2. List of services offered 

Another factor to consider is the kind of transportation services the chipping company offers. You want to compare this with the services your business requires. Can the company offer you the shipping services alone, or will you need to work with multiple companies to deliver the customer order on time?

 If your company requires shopping services from more than one company, it will raise your delivery costs. Therefore, it is beneficial to work with a shipping company that offers multiple services that meets your customer needs. 

3. Dedicated support 

When hiring a shipping company, you want to ensure the company is offering you dedicated customer support. Communication is key in shipping, and the company should have a customer care support desk that you can reach anytime. It is not easy tracking a lost package while dealing with a delay from an unresponsive shipping company.  

The shipping company should have someone you can trust in the team. Always ensure the shipping company you partner with offers over-the-phone customer support, 21/7 live support, and email support. If they don’t, your customers will end up paying for poor services – it will cost you when you start losing customers because of late delivery.

4. Shipment tracking 

The shipping company you hire for the job should have the appropriate infrastructure to facilitate order tracking. It should also have easy access to viewing the data points.

You want your customers to remain updated on when they should be expecting their deliveries. This data is important if you will make decisions that affect your business. 

Since pirating is a major issue today, most of your customers will demand a regular update of their shipment whereabouts. The shipping company should be able to offer this in time.

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