Crypto ATMs Simplifying Exchanges


Crypto ATMs Make Buying and Selling Bitcoin Much Easier

It seems that cryptocurrency is here to stay. With the market growing daily, it’s not surprising that people are looking to earn from purchasing and selling the peer-exchanged currency. CoinFlip Crypto ATMs have made the process much simpler and accessible for those looking to get in on the action, providing local bitcoin options to users. CEO Daniel Pilotsky created CoinFlip Crypto ATMs due to his personal experience with having to meet with others to trade bitcoin. His experience with the first crypto ATM he tried wasn’t pleasant either. In response, he set out to create a quick and easy way to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with cash, and that’s when CoinFlip Crypto ATMs entered onto the scene.

The Advantages of What CoinFlip Crypto ATMs Offer

Simplicity is the main benefit of using a CoinFlip Crypto ATM. Perhaps the single most attractive feature is that users can buy and sell cryptocurrency in a cash transaction. This opens the playing field up to a larger pool of investors. Among those that would find this option attractive include:

  • Those unable to obtain a bank account
  • Those that don’t want to use a bank account
  • Those that can’t purchase online with a credit card
  • Those that distrust online purchasing options
  • Those with privacy concerns
  • Those that have limited internet access

There are many other advantages; however, for those that are somewhat limited in their choices, the cash option provides an easy solution to their problem.

Other Features That Attract Investors

CoinFlip Crypto ATMs also appeal to investors seeking to invest in more than bitcoin. Currently, the network supports the following forms of cryptocurrency:

  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • Komodo (KMD)

CoinFlip also keeps fees low. A stated rate is available on the CoinFlip Crypto ATM website, and the fee is subject to change based on market conditions including exchange rates. The company’s customers credit the system for providing fast processing times. Verification for each transaction is provided through the machine and the user’s mobile phone. A code is sent to the user and must be entered on the machine for an added layer of security. A quick response (QR) code is also scanned from the user’s mobile device to confirm that the bitcoin or other cryptocurrency is added to the correct wallet. The process varies slightly for selling cryptocurrency; however, it’s also an easy process that’s completed with the user’s mobile phone and verification that’s as simple as following the on-screen prompts provided by the ATM.

According to the CoinFlip Crypto ATM website, over 120 kiosks are in service across the US, and more are expected shortly. The company also provides buying and selling opportunities through its website for those who wish to use a credit card. Instant support is offered to users that need assistance, and the verification process for new users states that it only takes a few steps to get started. More information is available through the company’s website. Videos are also provided that show simple instructions on how to take advantage of CoinFlip Crypto ATMs.

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