How to motivate and reward your staff

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Retaining your best employees and keeping the thought of joining your rivals away takes more than just promotions. You have to create an environment that makes them feel part of the business. Spending heavily on your staff is not a guarantee they’ll remain loyal or will improve on their performance. Retaining your talented employees means cultivating progress and securing your business against failure due to competition. Building a strong culture helps to keep the employees engaged, more than spending on them can do. Even the smallest attempts can prove effective in retaining employees. Here are few suggestions for things you can do to earn their loyalty.

Birthday lie-ins
Everyone wants to have a day off work during their birthday, but few companies will honour this need. Going easy on your staff during their birthdays with an awesome gesture like offering a lie-in during the big day cultivates a positive relationship between the company and the staff. If you feel it will be difficult to allow them a free day altogether, you can arrange for them to work from home on this day.

Organize staff activity days
Activity days allow all staff to socialize and explore new things. It also helps to reduce the frustrations of long working hours and gives them a reason to smile. If the employees are having fun, you stand higher chances of building a strong relationship. It also helps to create strong team mentality, which is healthy for the business when it comes to productivity. Allowing employees to connect with colleagues outside the office will likely attract benefits, which are transferred into the office environment.

Offer attractive discounts
As a manager and leader in a business, you can take advantage of the good relationship the business has built with suppliers and partners to secure amazing rewards for the members of the staff at discounted rates. Allow them to shop, eat and glam up at lower rates than what is available in the market. You can organize for discounts in the nearby local gym, cafe or beauty salon. Giving them the ability to save while getting what they need will be viewed as a perk and another reason to keep working in your organization.

Offer casual Fridays
Not every person loves casual Fridays, but some people find it an awesome day. Offering casual Fridays helps to brighten the day of your employees when you allow them to show up to work donned casually. It gives them freedom to choose something they feel comfortable wearing apart from the official attire they are used to.

Room to chill
Setting aside a room that is not regularly used for employees to rest is also a good idea. Give employees a chance to relax, mediate and even nap after work. Allow them space to do whatever they want during their free time and this will create a strong bond between the company and staff.

Let them watch TV
Many Events happen across the world like Olympics or even football competitions. Your employees are human, so they would also like to follow some of these events to know what their teams are doing. You can turn the TV on and encourage the employees to watch their favourite events. Again, this is not something everyone may like, but for the few who are interested, you will earn more points by allowing them to follow important events.

Be flexible
Pragmatic and flexible management is one of the things staff appreciates most in a company. If one is planning to attend an event outside the company and promises to make up for the time, you should be flexible enough to grant the request. Others may need to pick their children from school, so making it possible for them without interrupting their earning capacity will motivate them to stay loyal and offer excellent services. Accommodating your employees is easy if you know how to manage time and resources. You can allow them to embrace work-life balance.

Throw a party
If you completed a project, it is advisable to throw a party to celebrate the victory together as a company. This implies recognizing their effort and appreciating their presence in the company. As a result, they will be motivated to offer better services in subsequent projects, something that could work in favour of productivity. Do not also ignore simple ideas like offering them free lunch and soft drinks between breaks. This will not go unnoticed.

Allow them to handle side projects
Limiting employees to working on your projects does not imply they will offer better services. Give them an opportunity to work on side projects that can also help them gain further experience. Freedom brings about happiness and this is exactly what you will achieve when you allow them to handle other projects different from the ones available in the company.

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