What Can You Earn in the Cannabis Industry?


With the rise in the number of workers entering the cannabis industry, you may be wondering what a typical wage is for some of the more common cannabis jobs in the industry. So, let’s take a look at this in greater detail.

Cannabis Grower

While this position requires a lot of experience and knowledge, it is thought that a typical cannabis grower can earn anywhere from $50,000 to over $1 million each year. These earnings typically depend on which state you are looking to grow in. We believe that the most successful cannabis growers are from states such as California and Colorado, as well as Arizona and Michigan.

Dispensary Owner

Entrepreneurial individuals looking to enter the industry tend to do so by opening their own dispensary. The amount of money a dispensary owner can earn, like the cannabis grower above, entirely depends on which state the dispensary operates in. The best dispensaries can earn upwards of $1 million per year if the state allows both recreational and medicinal cannabis.

Dispensary Manager

The vast majority of dispensaries will need to hire a Dispensary Manager to manage the day to day running of a busy dispensary. Managers can typically expect to earn anywhere from $60k per year, to $150k. This depends on the level of experience that the manager brings, as well as the level of responsibility that the manager has. Most Dispensary Managers tend to be hired from pre-existing staff, as the manager needs to know about all the ins and outs of the dispensary, which can only be learnt over time. It’s quite hard for a new person to come in and hit the ground running. It is not uncommon for Dispensary managers to start off as budtenders and cannabis trimmers within the business and progress over time.


This is a great entry position for those of us with previous growing experience. This position tends to be the most competitive, but there are many opportunities out there to become a Budtender, so it is important not to become disheartened if you are not successful at the first time of asking. A typical wage of a Budtender is anywhere from $30k to $45k.

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