What Is SoComm And Why You Should Try It


Selling is the act of endorsing and trying to make people buy certain products from certain brands, from coffee makers to milk, to cars, to flip flops and many many more. In order to drive sales, companies hire sales professionals to make that happen. There is an effort to this because more sales mean more profit. One of the most popular ones is consumables.

Sales is a pretty exciting job because it has commissions which drive sales. But not all can succeed in sales because its a combination of skill, perseverance, patience and luck that not all people have or willing to learn. What you should know is that even if you can’t be a sales rep you can still be a good one. You just need to know about social commerce. What is SoComm? Read further below to find out.

What is Socom: Social commerce is what you call as social commerce. Its a term used to a type of affiliate marketing that gives an opportunity for people to earn and get rewards by simply promoting the products, drive traffic and ultimately generate sales. What makes this a really good concept and it works is because of the simplicity of the task and people knows how to use social media at the back of their mind. If you do social media for free, why not do it with social commerce where you will have the potential to earn right?

Why you should try it: Speaking of earning, there’s a good reason why you should definitely try social commerce and that is because social commerce offers you the opportunity to earn while you buy. It’s not every day that you get rewarded for your every purchase and even get a few commissions out of it. The best part about it is that its easy to do since for the most part you just simply share it. You don’t break a sweat doing it and there’s no training involved.

Where to start: You can’t do social commerce on everything that you buy. In order to have this opportunity, you need to be affiliated with a company that does it. There are many companies that do this, but not all will be able to offer you what can offer. They got the best brands that are easy to share and get rewarded online that not making a profit out of it is impossible unless you’re extremely unlucky.

Social commerce is a pretty interesting concept, simply because it offers consumers rewards for their purchase, and even offer the chance to earn some extra rewards, by simply by driving traffic and sales, through social media promotions of the various products that a social commerce company is offering. The best thing about it is that its simple to do and there’s no selling involved. If you like that and save a few bucks on your groceries or better, get some free groceries because of it, you should definitely try our social commerce.

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