Why Virtual Offices Are More Cost-Effective Than Dedicated


The industry that appears to be driving office space rentals in Indonesia is technology, as gaming start-ups, online travelling firms, Fintech, and payment companies have been a great part of this demand. Furthermore, these industries are finding alternative ways to fund office space in the CBD, which has characteristically high rents. Coworking, which has established itself as a viable way to lease office space and grow a business, has come to the forefront as one of the major alternatives to the traditional office.

The virtual office, additionally, is another way for professionals living in Jakarta to fund office space from a remote-working platform. The virtual office is a better solution for businesses because it allows those who only need the use of onsite facilities and internet access to work from another location, and when they do use the office space, it is on an as-needed basis. Please click on the following link at to see how Servcorp’s Virtual Office Jakarta work.

Keep reading to learn more about the cost-effective benefits of the virtual office space over the dedicated one.

Grow In An Online Platform

The internet has an endless capacity for space. If you begin your virtual office using a few apps, these apps can be transitioned into larger programs and platforms that allow your business to grow in infinite space. Your business is charged no more than the normal monthly rate, regardless of how much you grow into virtual space.

With the dedicated office, the opposite is the case. Whether relocating or modifying your lease, the more physical space you occupy the more you have to pay for the space you occupy, and then you have to pay to manage the office (office support, utilities, cable, etc.). When adding these costs up, the virtual office wins as it relates to saving money when needed to transition into new space.

Daily Maintenance Costs

The virtual office is one of the cheapest offices to manage. After setting up the structure for the online platform, which can include any number of programs, your office is maintained by you. While many virtual office plans offer office and IT support, your office manages itself without the aid of extra employees. Furthermore, you do not have to pay for the amenities or equipment needed to properly run an office.

The dedicated office, conversely, cannot run on its own. At a minimum, most offices need a receptionist to field calls during the business day. Add in the cost to purchase furnishings and other office equipment, and you have spent a small fortune funding office space. In the end, the out-of-pocket costs associated with leasing a conventional office is much lower than a virtual office.

The Logistics Of Travel

The virtual office reduces the amount of time your business needs to travel just because it provides your business with the tools needed to meet with others in different locations. Video-conferencing tools and other communications can guarantee that all are available to attend your meetings. This feature, alone, prevents the need to travel unless absolutely necessary.

With the dedicated office, meetings with others in different locations might require travelling to locations to make sure everyone gets the same information. Just in terms of not being able to adapt to the needs of the modern business, the dedicated office can be more expensive because of travel costs. Without video-conferencing technologies, an office meeting might be missing valuable team members.

Virtual Office Versus Dedicated

The virtual office has many benefits, but in terms of saving a business money, it is more cost-effective than the dedicated office. The virtual office’s flexibility lends itself to being used in alternative ways, which reduces the costs associated with daily tasks. In the end, while that private office might do more for your image, the virtual office can do wonders for your pocketbook.

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